Achieve Smoother, Fuller Brows with Brow Lamination at Lash By Ale Katy Houston

Discover the Secret to Effortlessly Smooth, Fuller Brows! Elevate Your Look with Brow Lamination at Lash By Ale in Katy, Houston.



4/16/20242 min read


Brow Lamination at Lash By Ale Katy Houston

Brow lamination, also known as a brow perm or feather brows, offers a solution for smoother, fuller, and professionally manicured brows that can last up to six weeks. At Lash By Ale Katy Houston, we specialize in helping you achieve your desired brow look with our efficient one-hour service. Say goodbye to the hassle of brow pencils or powders!

If you struggle with unruly, multi-directional, or stubborn brows, brow lamination is an ideal solution. Our services cater to nearly any eyebrow type, whether fine or coarse, sparse or full and regardless of hair color.

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A brow perm, alternatively referred to as brow lamination, is a gentle perm treatment that adjusts and reshapes your brow hairs, offering a fuller, smoother appearance that appears effortlessly natural for weeks with minimal upkeep.

Given that eyebrow hairs typically grow in various directions, brow perm (lamination) redirects them into a more consistent upward alignment, resulting in a tidy and well-groomed appearance.


Brow lamination offers an ideal solution for individuals with brows of average to dense density, those prone to unruliness, or those with misshapen or uneven brows. It's a transformative treatment that can turn your brows into stunning focal points. If you desire full control over your brows and crave a manicured look that lasts up to six weeks, laminated eyebrows are the perfect choice for you!




At Lash By Ale Katy Houston, we follow a six-step eyebrow lamination process to achieve the best possible results.

Powered by the industry-renowned Thuya products system, here’s what to expect during your appointment:

  1. The brow lamination service begins with the application of a protector cream around the border of the brow.

  2. Next, a pre-smoothing treatment is applied. This softens the brow hairs, making them more receptive to the perm solution.

  3. After pre-smoothing, a permanent gel is applied to the brow hairs, and your stylist brushes and smooths your brows into position.

  4. Your brow stylist will consult with you about the new directionality of your brows. Once they’re in the correct position, a neutralizing cream is applied to secure the brow hairs in their new position.

  5. Next, a super-enriched brow conditioner is applied. This step fortifies permed brows with minerals, natural oils, and extracts, and is critical to restoring the brow hairs.

  6. Finally, a regenerating cream is applied. This product acts as a 24-hour leave-in conditioner for the brows. This step is fully dedicated to keeping your brows healthy, nourished, and silky smooth!